Different Chooda Colours and Styles For Brides- 2021 Indian Bridal Fashion Trends!

One of the most important part of your indian bridal look is your bridal chooda. Gone are the days when there were only a handful of options of chooda for the Indian bride. You have to wear your chooda even after your wedding day for a few months so the choice has to be the perfect fit for you! Don’t worry ladies ..we got you covered!

Here we have different chooda colours and styles that will help you slay your bridal look. Go get saving!!


Pretty in Pink

Pink is mostly every girl’s fav colour and why not wear pink chooda for your wedding day.

Classic Red & Maroon

Red and Maroon chooda colours can never go out of style. There are different styles of red and maroon chooda that you can opt for with your bridal lehenga if you are a classic kinda bride!

Whimsical White

Gone are the days when indian brides used to stay clear of whites on their wedding day. Indian brides have slayed their bridal look in super fab white choodas as well!

Oooh Orange

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