Top 5 Most Iconic Luxury Handbags In The World!

Handbags for every girl are a must and we simply adore a good looking sufficient handbag! But over the years , there have been some iconic best of the best classic luxury handbags that can never be simply forgotten.. Here are 5 most iconic handbags around the globe which have stood the test of the time , are considered an investment and simply remain all-time favourites for all the fashionista ladies around the globe.. ๐Ÿ˜

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Lady Dior (Dior)

This classic piece, still remains rleevant as diors perennial designs even after decades… Lady dior became a talk of the town after it was carried by princess Diana in france . It was in her honour that this was known as lady dior bag.๐Ÿ˜

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  The Birkin Bag (Hermรจs)

The idea of birkin bag came to creative director at that time on a plane ! This bag was named after the famous actress Jane birkin for her use initially and still has a 4-5 year waiting list.The Birkin bag has been modified through time in terms of leather, cutomiszation etc yet nothing beats the feel of a Birkin bag!.

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Baguette (Fendi)

This classic bag was made famous by Carrie Bradshaw ( sex and the city) – aka Sarah Jessica Parker , even though the first baguette bag’s shape and style isn’t as much in as it back in those times fendi was revamped the look by adding all sorts of embellishments to it to make it more relevant for the current times.. it definitely had to be added in this list!

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Flap Bag (Channel)

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Speedy (Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton’s speedy bag is one of the most iconic ones on the list as it still remains favourite for a lot of girls due to its look and size and well obv cuz its Lv! Speedy earlier came in bigger size but after Audrey Hepburn requested for a small version for the same, it gave us Speedy 25 throughout years speedy now has become a staple!

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Via Louis Vuitton Website


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